Sunday, November 2, 2008

Term 4 at Woodville

Well this year is certainly flying past - I am missing the Koobs - no such interest here yet but I do have a few possible team members. Only problem being that schools run out of money about now and we can't get anymore new books until next year. As usual, the voracious readers have read everything they liked already - OOOOH it is hard having to say no to requests. Welcome back to the real world.
2 wonderful things I have found out - 1 is a certain member of the Koobs is getting great reviews for her version of "Twilight" I think I now know a famous writer! Very cool to see talent and imagination with the EFFORT. Great stuff.
I found this article which pretty much sums up the joys of being a teacher librarian. Great author too, Gail Giles writes excellent YA thrillers. So cheers to all you budding writers out there.